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For a while now, IMVU has taken the village of avatars then attacked this in anything good — random chat, note with contacts, group chat, with communal media all moved collected. And, thanks to the endlessly customizable avatars, everything has a lot more personality than the usual messaging app. That’s what’s helping them roll away a couple wonderful new reports this month — a kind new sticker supply with WithMoji. If you want to #link# have an emoji dance party with your bestie, there’s only one place to get.
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IMVU’s sticker supply is sold with free and feed tags and emoji, many of which are lived. And, IMVU’s gotten some pretty good experience with this area. Earlier this year, they pretty much possessed the iTunes App Store for a while with Kimoji then the consequent Kimoji 2.0 launch, a emoji and label app dedicated fully to Kim Kardashian with children. They’ve received that idea at #link# lockdown.
Although, the really cool new report is WithMoji, that launched before that week. When I communicated with Morgan Tucker, VP of Produce at IMVU, he informed a minor about Bitmoji, the new cartoonish counterpart to IMVU. Bitmoji introduced Bitstrips, that enabled two or more people to leave their avatars collected in comic strip-like reflection in chat. Well, IMVU is one-upping that aim with animation. Using WithMoji, IMVU #link# users could now reach their animated avatar emoji interact with each other in chat. It is fairly quick, too — one user sends a animated emoji, with another is reached with a number or emoji response options. They can easily answer with a kiss, hug, or show up to assert their own avatar communicate with the other. Not only to, but the animation can be saved as a gif for children. I think that’s IMVU’s way of telling every other messaging app to improve their now woefully lacking emoji game.
Eventually, IMVU plans to make group WithMoji possible. For now, they’ve got 100 WithMoji reactions, some released and also about give (the spent ones can come in hordes of 30). For solo emoji, IMVU takes a characteristic emoji keyboard, which is where you’ll find all of IMVU’s stands in Unicode’s common set. As for the sticker store, IMVU can ultimately start that around all users, who can fashion and post their own designs.

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IMVU might not need the largest following off the chat apps off here, but they perform are getting the most fun. We’ll emoji cheers to that.

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